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We deliver to North side of Chicago, Northern Suburbs and North West Suburbs


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This Week's Menu


Aloo Chicken

Aloo Chicken is a curry eaten with Rice or Roti(pita).


Tandoor Chicken

Tandoor Chicken is a BBQ chicken eaten with Naan.


Aloo Matar Tahiri

Aloo Matar Tahiri is a rice dish cooked with peas.


Daal Fry

Dall fry is a curry cooked with lentil


Eggplant Curry

Enjoy this spicy Indian eggplant curry dish over rice or with Indian bread (or both).Egg


Palak Ghoosht

Palak ghosht is spinach curry that can be enjoyed with rice or pita.


Fish Fry

Talapia fish fried with out homemade green spicess and is eaten with pita.


Roti and Rice

Enjoy all the dishes with homemade Roti (pita) and Rice.

Event Catering

We are driven to providing the most valuable, high quality Halal catering in Chicago and consistently delivering successful events to clients.


The food was great and was delivered on time. --- Saima Shah - Bolingbrook, IL

To request a catering quote email us at events@auntiesbox.com